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Khans, Tzars, Orpheus, Spartacus, Thracians, Levski, Botev … All of them start with capital ‘B’ for Bulgaria.These are also the places that you can see on your Bulgaria Vacations.

Bulgaria is the Thracians – great warriors and horsemen that were feared and respected by outsiders, accomplished artists and farmers who grew wealthy from trading jewelry, copper and gold. Their fierce weaponry can be seen in archaeological museums around the country. Many tombs, discovered mainly in central Bulgaria – the region of Kazanlak and Shipka, reveal the Thracians’ rituals, their beliefs. A gold mask and a bronze head of a Thracian King have been found there.

Places to see and things to do on Bulgaria Vacations are waiting to be discovered by you: Rila Mountain that gave home to the Rila Monastery, the magnificent holy cloister, unity of spirituality, culture and nature; Rupite – a source of energy; the medieval archaeological complex Perperikon – the ancient monumental megalithic structures; the Festival ‘Kukeri’ – costumed men who perform rituals intending to scare the evil away and to announce the coming of spring; Nestinarstvo – a fire ritual that is performed by barefoot men and women (nestinari) on zharava (smouldering embers)… Visit Bulgaria and experience these places and more!

Bulgaria VacationsBulgaria Vacations in the sea of events, Golden times

Yes, good foundations had been laid. Time for the invaders and conquerors. First the Greeks, followed by the Scythians, then the Romans, Byzantines and the Turks. Bulgaria had never been spared. All of them left their indelible marks on the lands of that country. For us, the successors, to see, learn and know on our Bulgaria travel experience.

Surely, the country had its Golden times. Times when its territory had been expanded. Times when the Bulgarian Empire had been the largest and most powerful in Europe. That was in the 9-th century. It was Bulgaria’s cultural golden age as well.

After the Rise followed the Fall, the Decline – the Byzantines, then the Ottoman Turks. Bulgaria managed to break free but paid high price. Many Bulgarians were killed or taken into slavery, churches and monasteries destroyed or closed. Rila Monastery – the unity of spirituality and culture was the spiritual, educational and cultural centre of the whole Bulgarian nationality and played a very important role in the forming of the nation of Bulgaria. Nowadays, that place is a beautiful memory of those times. One of Bulgaria destinations that can give you a combination of history and beauty and grandeur because of both the monastery and the mountain with its lakes.

Bulgaria Vacations and tours in ex-‘red’ Bulgaria

Then followed the wars – the Balkan Wars, World Wars I and II.

It carried on like that until the year 1945 when Bulgaria became ‘red’. The Communist Party took over. A new constitution was adopted, the royal family forced into exile. For 45 years.

Then on 10 November 1989 a new phase in Bulgarian history started to become reality – the Bulgarian Democracy.

For better or for worse Bulgarians live with the rules of the Democracy today.

One thing is certain – each period, each event from the Bulgarian history left its mark on the landscape – visible or not visible.

Come and feel the history of my country! You simply have your Bulgaria Vacations and let Bulgaria find its place in your hearts!

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