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Coastal Bulgaria holidays

Working is part of man’s nature. Relaxing as well. Some love the silence, peacefulness of the mountain. Others are absolute lovers of the water, crowded and noisy places. They love the scent of the sea, the sound of the waves, the endlessness of the water, the always hungry seagulls… To them we recommend coastal Bulgaria holidays.

Coastal Bulgaria HolidaysNot until the 1960’s was the Black Sea coastline of Bulgaria developed for mass tourism. At first mainly the officials of the Communist party benefitted from the few resorts. Soon after that new and sophisticated resorts began to appear quickly attracting tourists from all over the world. Also, the Bulgarian seaside is generally thought of as one of the most reasonable and affordable summer destinations in Europe. In addition to it, the beautiful nature and moderate and pleasant climate make it preferable for any taste.

Whether you are a peacefulness-seeker, a person who needs a quiet place with good family facilities or somebody who loves a relaxing recreational experience… For the energetic, young clubbers Bulgarian coast has its many clubs, discos, cafes. Especially Sunny beach, the largest Bulgarian resort, is famous with its popular clubs and parties. Every summer world-famous celebrities and DJs are often invited to give performances. That, as well as the many small hotels, apartment-hotels and big luxurious complexes, make the resort a favourite place for Bulgaria Black Sea holidays.

Coastal Bulgaria Holidays – The two ‘faces’ of your  coastal Bulgaria holidays

Divided into two parts – Northern and Southern part, due to the Balkan Mountains that cross the country, the Black Sea coastline has two ‘faces’. One of the ‘faces’ is rough – this is the northern coast. Parts of it feature rocky highlands. The other ‘face’ is softer with its wide sandy beaches. Whichever face you choose for your holidays in Bulgaria, you won’t regret.

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast has the impressive 378 km of shore line. The northern coast starts where the Balkan Range runs into the sea at Cape Emine and runs north to Cape Sivriburun at the Romanian border. The southern Black Sea coast runs south from Cape Emine to the village of Resovo on the Turkish border. There are places in both parts that worth to be seen during your coastal Bulgaria holidays – Cape Emine, Cape Kaliakra – a nature reserve that sits on the major Via Pontica bird migration route, a Medieval Fortress can be seen there, as well; Euxinograd – a former 19-th century Bulgarian royal summer palace and park on the Black Sea; Nessebar – UNESCO World Heritage Site; Sozopol – known for the Apollonia Art and Film Festival and many other.

Best places to visit in Bulgaria Black Sea coast – as your Coastal Bulgaria Holidays

Let’s not forget the two coast cities, one of the best places to visit in Bulgaria – Burgas and its bird-filled Lakes and the ‘maritime capital’ of Varna. Both lively and full of museums, history and galleries, fun nightlife and great memories to keep in your heart for the days to come. Nessebar and Sozopol – both popular Bulgarian resorts.

Let us arrange your tailor-made coastal Bulgaria holidays that you can remember for years.

We are specialists on tailor-made tours like adventure Balkan tours. For more information please contact us with the size of your group for a free quote with no-obligation.

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