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Travel to famous ski resorts Bulgaria

Where to go for ski resorts Bulgaria?

Surely, Pamporovo. Pamporovo is a modern and one of the widely famous ski resorts Bulgaria, which makes it popular for ski holidays Bulgaria. It is not far from the city of Plovdiv, the second biggest in Bulgaria, after Sofia, – only 85 km away. It is considered the sunniest resort with more than 100 sunny days in winter and mild climate. This is due to the fact that the resort is located close to the Greek border. Pamporovo offers exceptional natural beauty and excellent conditions for recreation. It is one of the gorgeous places to visit in Bulgaria in winter. Pamporovo is in the foothills of the Rhodope Mountains. Then that will let you enjoy the beautiful scenery, tranquility as well as breathe the fresh air that the mountain offers. Ski resorts Bulgaria, Pamporovo is a good choice for Balkan holidays.

The ski season in Bulgaria is from mid-December till late April. The resort rises to 1650 m. above sea level and above it hangs a majestic Mount Snezhanka (Snow white) – 1926 m. There the main and more difficult trails start.

Ski trails in Pamporovo

The ski trails in Pamporovo ski resorts Bulgaria, have different level of difficulty. The green and blue ones are great for beginners while the black ones are a unique adventure for professional skiers. The length of all trails is 37 km. and they are suitable for skiing and snowboarding. There is also a ski school in the resort. It offers highly qualified instructors who teach beginners in groups or individually. The duration of the different courses is between 3 and 12 days. As a result, the ones who have successfully completed the training get certificates.

Daily care is taken for the ski trails and they are treated with special snow cannons. The facilities that reach the different tracks have a capacity of 11 600 people per hour. There are nine lifts and six chair lifts. Thus, fast and easy movement of tourists to their desired track is provided.

In 2004 the first half-pipe run in ski resorts Bulgaria was built in Pamporovo. It is a real challenge for all snowboarders. Night skiing at the resort offers ski slope “Wall-2” from 17:30 to 22:00.

The resort has a 24-hour Medical Emergency Centre with ambulance, as well as a clinic and pharmacies. There is also first-aid pace on all ski slopes.

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