birdwatching bulgaria

Birdwatching Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a paradise for birdwatchers. Birdwatching Bulgaria is one of the best Bulgaria destinations for spring, summer, autumn and winter tours. More than 400 bird species have been recorded in Bulgaria.

birdwatching bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small ex-communist country where not long ago everything was veiled in secrecy and even Bulgarians didn’t know their own border regions. They needed special tickets to travel to these places. Nowadays, Bulgaria tourism is becoming more popular, due to the Bulgarian government and the fact that communism collapsed and Bulgaria is part of the European Union. As a result, people can travel to Bulgaria and enjoy their Bulgaria holidays freely. So small a country but so beautiful and rich in landscapes, mountains, gorges, hills, forests, lakes, gentle sandy beaches of Bulgarian coast… You can still see shepherds watching the herds of sheep and cows. Birdwatching Bulgaria is paradise for those who love being in the nature enjoying the company of birds.

Via Pontica and Via Aristotelis – things to do in Bulgaria for bird-lovers

Two of the five European routes of the bird migration – Via Pontica and Via Aristotelis. These two go through the small territory of Bulgaria. That makes the country a desired and attractive destination for all the devoted birdwatchers; and also for those who ‘unprofessionally’ love birds. The north coastline of Bulgaria is a true paradise for ornithologists and bird lovers; who come from around the world to watch the birds.

birdwatching bulgaria

Via Pontica road is used by birds from the middle part of Eastern Europe to Africa. While Via Aristotelis is used by birds flying from Middle Europe and also the central part of the Balkans to Africa again.

Many people have heard about Via Pontica only as a major migration route. However, a few are aware of the fact that that was in fact the name of the ancient Roman road – between Constantinople (today’s Istanbul and Istros (today’s Histria – in Romania). The route is covered with ruins, medieval fortresses, remains of ancient towns etc…

The great experience of birdwatching Bulgaria in any season, can be combined with ‘history watching’ and ‘history learning’, as well.

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  1. 🙂 I am a bird lover but also like history and I loved the idea of combining birdwatching with history watching and history learning…

  2. I am not a professional birdwatcher but I love it anytime I can experience it. One of the places I like is Pomorie Lake.


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