Sozopol – a city with soul

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A small town with big ‘heart’ ready to welcome everybody, who love beauty, on their holidays to Bulgarian coast

Sozopol – a city with soul

A small town which attracts with its picturesque sunsets, the coziness of its small streets and the peaceful laps of waves… Sozopol is the oldest settlement on the Bulgarian coast. It is located in the south-east of Bulgaria, around 30 km south of Burgas, in a beautiful bay.

bulgarian coast

Tourists, on their private tours Bulgaria, come to Sozopol for the beauty of the sea and for its rich, ancient history. Antiquities crop up behind the narrow corners of the narrow ancient streets. Even if you’ve somehow gone the wrong direction, you shouldn’t be worried. You would, definitely find yourselves at some fascinating place of value.

Today’s Sozopol is still a place where life is busy. Especially in summer. There one can meet people who belong to the world of cinema, theatre and music…

A Bulgaria tour can take you to a place with rich history

Make sure your private tours Bulgaria take you to Sozopol –the city with soul. This is one of the best places to visit on Bulgarian coast.

The archaeological exploration of the site gives a proof of more than six thousand years of cultural tradition. The remains of primitive houses, ceramic pottery, stone and bronze tools serve as evidence of the busy everyday life of the local population.

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Founded in the year 610 BC as a Hellenic colony, a city-country, with its first name of Apollonia Pontica (that is ‘Apollonia on the Black Sea’), Sozopol was named after and in honour of the God of Apollonius. This was a God of various functions but in ancient Apollonia, particularly, it was respected as a healer. Today, this old name is used for the annually held Festival of Arts in Sozopol.

Apollonia Pontica

Apollonia Pontica lays the beginnings of the town culture in our lands. It used to be a town of sailors. The symbol of this town-country was the anchor. At the end of VI century BC, Apollonia minted coins. Together with the images of ancient gods on these coins, the anchor was an unalterable symbol and it represented the town as well. The anchor remained unchanged through the thousands of years and today it is a fundamental element of the blazon of the town. Not only coins were found in Sozopol, but also many ancient Greek vases, sepulchral reliefs and ceramic figurines of inestimable artistic value. The biggest exhibition of ancient Greek vases, anchors and amphorae is preserved in the Archaeological Museum in Sozopol. The rich town soon became an important cultural centre.

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During the IV century the town of Apollonia was given the new name of Sozopolis, meaning the City of Salvation.

Ruled in turn by the Byzantine, Bulgarian and Ottoman Empires, Sozopol was assigned to the newly independent Bulgaria in the 19th century.

In the middle Ages, the town of Sozopol was already ratified a Christian centre, an office of bishops, with more than twenty churches and monasteries.

Treat yourselves with the first of many private tours Bulgaria to the ‘City of Salvation’ on the Bulgarian coast

When walking on the streets of Sozopol, part of Bulgarian coast, do not only look up at the old facades. Because first, you can trip on the ancient cobblestone streets Second – you might miss some of the many small chapels in the town. These were built during the time Sozopol was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire and they had to be lower than ‘a Turk on his horse’. Those were the religious limitations of the time. By digging the church into the ground, the ancient master found a way to obey the limitations.

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An example of such a church is the ‘Holy Mother of God’ Church, which is a cultural monument of national importance. Dated to this period are also the churches St.George and St.Zosimos. Another 18 chapels were built on the remains of medieval churches. The works of art preserved in them were made by members of the iconographic and woodcarving school of Sozopol at the end of the XVIII and XIX centuries. The most impressive work of art is the iconostasis of the Church of the Holy Mother of God.

Revival Period in Sozopol

Over 100 houses, among the attractive places to see in Bulgaria, with typical architecture were preserved from the Revival Period in Sozopol. And they form the Old Town of Sozopol which was announced a museum in 1974. The houses became a symbol of the town. The old part of the town can be reached by an alley that connects the old with the new part of Sozopol. Around 180 are the buildings from the middle of XVIII and XIX centuries, which are cultural monuments.

The architectural complex at the South Fortified Wall combines, in its museum exposition, unique artifact of different centuries. That is another place worth being visited on your Bulgaria holidays.

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The beautiful house ‘Trakiiski han’ (‘Thracian inn’) shelters the ethnographic exposition of Sozopol; which is particularly fascinating for tourists with its attractive yard facade. It has also the unique sea view and the exposition itself, of course. It presents traditional clothes, fabric and domestic crafts from the region of coastal Strandzha Mountain; (from Burgas to Istanbul – where sea and mountain become one).

Sozopol on the Bulgarian coast – the city with soul, the city of salvation, a city of its own unique character. It is located not far from Burgas, is magnificent in all seasons. The vicissitudes of fate during the centuries-old history, did not break the vitality of this lovely town. And it is always there to welcome you on private tours Bulgaria.

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