Customized Balkan Tour

1Customized Tours Balkan Day 1

Our Balkan Holidays tour starts from Sofia to Thessaloniki sister of Alexander the Great

Our Customized Tours Balkan starts… 310 km, 4 hours (Bulgaria – Greece)

In the morning we leave Sofia for Rupitе. It will be a short stay in Bulgaria but a good starting point for an unforgettable Balkan Holidays tour.

Rupite is the place where Baba Vanga (Grandmother Vanga – one of the most famous prophets of the world) had received people for almost 25 years before she passed away. Rupite is a sacred place, suggested to her by the forces from above. When Vanga was asked why she chose this site to spend the rest of her life and to build the temple she said mysteriously: “I have my time here. This site is very special. I use it like an accumulator and it gives me energy and power. A terrible fire burned there in the past and a great secret is hidden in the ridge above us.”

Great emotions are hidden in the customized tours Balkan

Following a lunch break, we leave for Thessaloniki, Greece. After we pass the border, we arrive in Thessaloniki. The name of the city comes from Alexander the Great’s half-sister. It was founded in 315 BC by Cassander of Macedon. Thessaloniki is Greece’s 2nd major economic, industrial, commercial and political centre. It is the only city in Greece that has ministry building (Ministry of Macedonia) outside of capitol. In Thessaloniki we will visit Ataturk’s house (the founder of the Republic of Turkey), the White Tower, St. Dimitrios Cathedral, the Statue of Alexander the Great, Venezelo and Constantine statues, Vardar, Eleftherios, Macedonia and Aristotle Squares.

We will check in the hotel in Thessaloniki at the end of the tour.

In the evening, we can go to a Greek Tavern, listen to music and enjoy Greek bouzouki. (Extra)

2Customized Tours Balkan Day 2

From Thessaloniki through Bitola to Ohrid, the deepest lake on the Balkans

290 km 4 hours (Greece – Macedonia)

In the morning we leave Thessaloniki for Bitola, another town in our customized tours Balkan. In Macedonian language Bitola means monastery. When we arrive there we will enjoy a nice stroll on Shirok Street (Wide Alley); we will visit the Old Bazaar (Ottoman Bazaar), the new mosque and Isaac Celebi Mosque. We will also see the Military School where Mustafa Kemal Ataturk graduated and we will visit the Ataturk Museum.

After some time spent nicely in the monastery, we leave for Ohrid. Ohrid is in the World Heritage list of UNESCO. It is settled next to Ohrid Lake. In the city we will visit Ottoman houses, Ottoman Bazaar, Ali Pasha Mosque, Haydar Pasha Mosque, St. Panteleimon Church, Hagia Sofia Church and Roman Theatre. We will have a shopping break in Sycamore Square. Check in and overnight in a hotel in Ohrid.

3Customized Tours Balkan Day 3

From Ohrid to Tetovo (Alaca Mosque – the star of Tetovo), then Skopje

180 km 3 hours (Macedonia)

In the morning we leave Ohrid for Skopje. Our first stop will be Tetovo. We will visit Alaca Mosque which has been decorated by Ottoman ladies the way they liked it and then will be Harabati Tekke. After our lunch in Tetovo we leave for Skopje.

When we arrive in Skopje, we will see the Stone Bridge built in the time of Mehmet II on the Vardar River, Alexander the Great Statue, King Samuel Statue and Mother Theresa Memorial. We will have a shopping break in Skopje Bazaar. After the break, we check in the hotel to stay overnight in Skopje.

Macedonian spectacular night is extra for the ones who like to see more of Macedonian culture.

4Customized Tours Balkan Day 4

The Balkan Holidays tour carries on from Skopje to Budva

370 km 6 hours (Macedonia – Kosovo – Albania – Montenegro)

In the morning we leave for Prizren. There we will see we see Bistrica, Gazi Mehmet Pasha and Sinan Pasha Mosque. We will travel to Montenegro through Albania.

When we are in Montenegro, our first stop will be Budva with its colourful nightlife and fabulous beach. Budva is one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic Sea coast. We will have a nice walk around Budva Stari Grad (Old Town) and we will visit the castle there. You can even have a coffee break with the beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea. We will check in our hotel in Budva Riviera and stay there overnight.

5Customized Tours Balkan Day 5

The day of Dubrovnik, one of the best preserved middle age cities

120 km 2 and a half hours (Montenegro – Croatia)

In the morning we leave for Dubrovnik. On our way we will enjoy the great scenery of Kotor Gulf and the lovely panoramic view of Dalmatia.  Then we will proceed to the best-preserved medieval city of Dubrovnik. Another place on the UNESCO list of World Heritage.  Dubrovnik is also called Ragusa Croatia. In Dubrovnik we will see Francis Monastery, the Rector’s Palace, the City Gates and Old Town Square with the towers. After the free time in the Old Town, we will leave for our hotel.

6Customized Tours Balkan Day 6

Dubrovnik – Mostar – Sarajevo

270 km 4 and a half hours (Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina)

We leave our hotel for Sarajevo in the morning. First stop of our customized Balkan tour will be the village of Pocitelj, which is the first Turkish settlement on the Adriatic coast in the 16th century. You can get a small gift from the village. Our second stop will be Mostar. The name and the town comes from the bridge (Mostar Bridge) which was built by Ottomans in the 16th century.  You may see the most interesting traditions of the city – jumping from the bridge into the river. This is for the girls to be convinced that boys are in love with them. We check in our hotel and we go to Bascarsija which has been settled in the Ottoman period. The name comes from Turkish language and means ‘main bazaar’. We will have free time there.

7Customized Tours Balkan Day 7

Sarajevo – Belgrade

400 km 5 hours (Bosnia and Herzegovina – Serbia)

We leave for Belgrade. Belgrade means ‘black and white’. It is also known as the capital of culture and sport. Belgrade was the capital of former Yugoslavia, now it is the capital of Serbia. We will start our tour where Sava and Danube River meet. We will see Kalemegdan (Castle Square), Stambol (Istanbul) Gate, Military Museum, Clock Gate and Museum, Nebojsa Tower. We will walk on the famous Knez Mihailova Street with lots of cafes and famous shops. St. Sava Church and Republic Square are also in our list of places to see. We will check into our hotel and stay overnight.

You can enjoy the famous night life of Europe in Belgrade.

8Customized Tours Balkan Day 8

The last day of the Balkan Holidays tour is Belgrade to the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia

400 km 4:30 hours (Serbia – Bulgaria)

After breakfast we leave for Belgrade. We will use Nis highway to go to Sofia. The Balkan holiday is at its end but you know that it made you richer because ‘Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’ (anonymous writer). At noon we arrive at Sofia. Our city tour in Sofia includes St. Nedelya Church, the Rotunda Church of St. George, the Russian Church, St. Sophia Church, Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the Parliament, the University of Sofia and National Palace of Culture. After visiting these places our tour is over.

Highlights of Balkan tour

Highlights of Balkan tour is an 8-day-tour in the Balkans that starts from Bulgaria, with a visit to Rupite. Rupite is one of those places whose nature can amaze you, inspire you and appease you… Baba Vanga (Grandmother Vanga – the world-famous Bulgarian prophet) did not choose it accidentally. For the place she said it was a sacred place, suggested to her by the forces from above.

[vc_toggle title=”Included Services in the package” el_id=”1481189103055-07b9885a-7e48″]– Hotel accommodation and breakfast
– Comfortable transportation by car
– Professional guide[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Not included in the fee” el_id=”1481189463725-c021dc49-469a”]– All lunch and dinner and drinks taken during meals
– Dubrovnik (15 €), Kotor (10 €) – City entrance fees (compulsory)
– Museums and historical location Log in[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Extras” el_id=”1481189483867-a7792c72-016b”]– Thessaloniki Sirtaki (Food and Drink 20 €)
– Privately held boat tours
– Expenses of personal character[/vc_toggle]



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