Bulgarian Monasteries Customized tour


Customized Tours Bulgaria Day 1

Let your customized tours Bulgaria start. On that first day we travel to the Rila Monastery. We check in a hotel in the region of the monastery, dinner and overnight.


Customized Tours Bulgaria Day 2

After breakfast we will visit the Rila Monastery – unity of spirituality, culture and nature. Declared a National Museum and a National Historical reserve, the Rila Monastery is also included in the List of World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

It’s an emanation of the artistic experience of the Bulgarian people, of the mythology deeply rooted in their attitude to the world. It’s one of the symbols of Bulgaria and also a very popular Bulgaria tourist destination for customized tours Bulgaria. There we will see the church of the Nativity of the Virgin, the grave of Tzar Boris III, the Tower of Hrelyo and the Rila Monastery History Museum.

After lunch, if you wonder what other things there are to do in Bulgaria, the smallest town in Bulgaria, Melnik and its Pyramids and let’s not forget the wine, are waiting for you. When we are there, we will relax from the journey with wine trying in Villa Melnik Winery. Check in the hotel in Melnik, dinner and overnight.


Customized Tours Bulgaria Day 3

After breakfast we will make a short city tour around Melnik – a visit to the Kordopulov’s House which is supposed to be the biggest residential building on the Balkan Peninsula from the Revival period, and a visit to the Museum in the town. Another monastery is awaiting us – this is the Rozhen Monastery, built in 1890, with fine frescoes and amazing wood carvings.

After lunch we will leave the small, picturesque town of Melnik for the Bachkovo Monastery. There we will check in a hotel, dinner and overnight.


Customized Tours Bulgaria Day 4

Your holiday in Bulgaria gets another ‘’flower to the wreath of Bulgarian monasteries’’, a visit to the Bachkovo Monastery – the monastery that ranks second to the Rila Monastery, regarding size, architecture and artistic and literary significance. Following lunch is a short journey to the ‘Asenova Fortress’ (Asen’s Fortress) – a medieval fortress in the Rhodope Mountains. Our tour will proceed to the town of Kazanlak – the Rose Valley and the Valley of the Thracian Kings. There we will visit a Thracian Tomb – in the UNESCO list, the Old town.

Check in a hotel and stay overnight in Kazanlak.


Customized Tours Bulgaria Day 5

In the morning we will leave for the Dryanovo Monastery. On the way we will visit the Architectural-Ethnographic Complex “ETAR” – Gabrovo – a lovely open-air museum which presents Bulgarian customs, culture and craftsmanship. Back on the road and off to the monastery.

When we reach the Dryanovo Monastery, we will have a tour around it.

We will leave for the town of Troyan.

Check in a hotel and overnight in Troyan.


Customized Tours Bulgaria Day 6

After breakfast we will visit the Troyan Monastery which belongs completely to the Bulgarian Revival Period and is associated with the April Uprising of 1876, and we will make a short tour around the town of Troyan.

After lunch we are going back to the place where we started customized tours Bulgaria.


  1. In my family we are interested in monasteries, synagogues, mosques, churches, temples. We always look for new places to visit and enjoy these places for worshipping. Monasteries in this tour sound promising especially Rila monastery

  2. I love music so much and I very often write lyrics for songs. What I know about myself is I get so much inspired after visiting such places, monasteries, churches. thank you guys for the tour!:-)


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