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In many aspects Bulgaria is a miraculous country. It hides many known and unknown wonders. It’s an unusual place, a source of energy, a place that lets you become one with nature. The country offers a big arsenal of interesting and adventurous places to visit in Destinations Bulgaria.

Visit Bulgaria and discover its mineral springs, learn about its history, enjoy its picturesque nature, get amazed by its mysterious places.

Learn about Baba Vanga on your destinations Bulgaria

Even without yet being on a holiday in Bulgaria, I am sure you have heard about Baba Vanga (Grandmother Vanga). Many Bulgarian and foreign tourists visit the house of Vanga and the Saint Petka Bulgarska Temple but these are not Bulgaria attractions. They are sacred places.

Baba Vanga Rupite, places to visit in bulgaria, baba vanga, mystic bulgaria, baba vanga rupiteVanga is a symbol of compassion, of nobility. She is a woman of many virtues. Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova was the One, the Chosen.

Born in 1911 in Strumica, in today’s Macedonia, Vanga had really difficult childhood. Losing her mother at the age of 2, Vanga depended for some time on the neighbours until her father remarried and thus Baba Vanga had a stepmother, who didin’t treat her very well. She had to stay in an orphanage when once being home for a holiday, she went for a walk with her cousin. Although the weather was good, a sudden whirlwind rose and strange enough, took only Vanga. A few days later she was found in bushes with her eyes bleeding and badly damaged, and she was suffering enormous pain. After this incident she went blind.

Vanga’s destiny

Vanga’s destiny had always been unusual and she suffered many hardships.

In 1940 she began to prophecy. At first, she heard a voice in her dream that told her about the forthcoming war (World War II). Soon after, ‘the Voice’ started talking to the blind woman while she was awake. For it Vanga said was the voice of St. John Chrysostom. He came to Baba Vanga on 6 April 1941 and since then the Saint was with her, until her death in August, 1996.

In the years 1941 – 1996, Vanga received many people, each one of them with their unique destiny and pain. “You have only your worries, and I – the problems of the whole world.  Night when you sleep, I walk the Earth and see terrible scenes, war, blood, disasters … “, Vanga would say in moments of revelation.

Places to visit in Bulgaria and Rupite

Baba Vanga Rupite, places to visit in bulgaria, baba vanga, baba vanga bulgaria, bulgaria baba vanga, bulgaria mysticism, mystic bulgaria, baba vanga rupiteThe place Rupite (where Vanga had received people for almost 25 years before she passed away) is a sacred place, suggested to her by the forces from above. When Vanga was asked why she chose this site to spend the rest of her life and to built the temple she said mysteriously: “I have my time here. This site is very special. I use it like an accumulator and it gives me energy and power. A terrible fire burned there in the past and a great secret is hidden in the ridge above us.”

This is one of the places to visit in Bulgaria and it’s worth having a Bulgaria tour only to see the place and feel its energy.

A patriot, an optimist as Vanga used to be, her last words to the Bulgarian people were: ‘I am ill and soon I will leave you. Make sure, when I’m gone, not to fight with one another, spy on one another, to make peace between yourselves without my help. Do not envy each other! Help each other, work together! God will give everybody according to their deeds.’

Take your time and make your destinations Bulgaria !

Day 1

Travel to Rila Monastery
Sofia – 123 km, 2 hours
Plovdiv – 224 km, 3.30 hours
Burgas – 463 km, 5 hours
Varna – 586 km, 6.30  hours

Destinations Bulgaria Day 2 Rila Monastery – Melnik

In the morning we will travel to the Rila Monastery – unity of spirituality, culture and nature. Declared a National Museum and a National Historical reserve, the Rila Monastery is also included in the List of World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

After a lunch in a local restaurant we will head south to the smallest town of Bulgaria, the town of Melnik.

Check in a hotel in Melnik and overnight.

Destinations Bulgaria Day 3 Melnik

After breakfast we will make a city tour around Melnik. The town is the smallest in Bulgaria but it’s not ‘small’ in history. The thousands-year-old Melnik offers serenity, a mountain, rich history, coziness, stunning scenery, rich wine… It is a romantic and full of charm place. Our tour will include a visit to the Kordopulov’s House which is supposed to be the biggest residential building on the Balkan Peninsula from the Revival period, a visit to the Museum in the town, a visit to ‘St. Antonius the Great’ Monastery.

Another monastery is awaiting us – this is the Rozhen Monastery, built in 1890, with fine frescoes and amazing wood carvings.

Free afternoon.

Overnight in Melnik.

Destinations Bulgaria Day 4

In the morning we will take on a short journey to Rupite (one of the best places to visit in Bulgaria) which is best known as the place where the Bulgarian medium Baba Vanga lived and was buried. The area is in fact the crater of an extinct volcano, where we will visit the ‘St. Petka’ Church, built with Vanga’s will and a place of worship for many people, and her small house where she would meet all the people in need in the last 25 years of her life. Some time in the park where the church and the house are located.

Lunch in Melnik.

Going back to your place.


  1. Mistery, miracles, I heard Bulgaria can offer them. I read about Vanga. Very interesting. Never been to the place, Rupite, though. A friend of mine visited it and recommends it to me.

  2. I visited the place. The park is great. The church as well although it’s not like the other churches but really all the people there went in to see. I can say I felt refreshed after my visit to Vanga’s place.


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